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Our backstory

AYSTAR was founded by Randy   De Luca in Q1 -2023 and is based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. AYSTAR was founded primarily in order to introduce a unique and very capable electro-chemical raw sewage treatment water “Re-Use” technology for flushing and water fountain replenishment applications; initially to oceanside resorts in the Caribbean, Portugal and Italy. This electro-chemical technology is globally branded “WaterMiner”, as the process in effect “mines” valuable commodities or contaminants to create new Re-Useable water from what was once considered waste water.

Previous to AYSTAR, De Luca founded Boydel Wastewater Technologies Inc., which was rebranded in Q4-2022 to Valence Water Inc.. Mr. De Luca retired operationally as CEO from Valence, though remains a material owner and director. Randy also has a very intimate knowledge of “WaterMiner” as he was the co-inventor and co-writer of the PCT global patent that is embedded into the “WaterMiner” reactor itself.

Our Unique Design

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AYSTAR Going Forward

Boydel (now Valence) was initially founded with the sole mission to materially improve raw sewage treatment, which we accomplished, and which remains a wastewater treatment market of great interest to the founder of AYSTAR.  However,  Valence discovered that the “WaterMiner” was in fact much more versatile and capable, and so Valence Water is now focusing on more difficult to treat waters in the Industrial, Commercial, and raw Septage wastewaters. (note that Septage is 1000 times stronger than raw sewage).


At AYSTAR’s request, Valence granted AYSTAR an exclusive license for the Caribbean, Portugal and Italy with other countries available upon mutual agreement. With this license AYSTAR wishes, and is keen to introduce the “WaterMiner” raw sewage flushing re-use option to oceanside resorts in its three licensed territories starting with the Caribbean.   



A Work in Progress

AYSTAR is BITCOIN and digital asset positive with regard to the future of CAPEX financing, and especially for the financing of WATERMINER Fee-4-Service installed treatment plants; in all applications. 

With new Real World Asset (RWA) fractional ownership tokenization of our client’s AYSTAR service contract, including the installed equipment embedded in the contract, AYSTAR can offer very cost effective and low friction financing, Fee-4-Service WATERMINER installations and where even the client themselves can invest fractionally in their own plants.  Meaning the client would ideally be able to move in and  out of ownership in their own plant(s) as their internal operational financing and capital needs change. 

This is a very new development in global asset ownership and one we are following closely as we engage with potential RWA solution providers to discover what if any options are available today.     

Our Current Market Focus For Resorts

Introducing Valence Water - Our OEM technology owner


Valence Water is a Victoria, British Columbia, Canada based company, who designs, engineers and builds the WATERMINER as well as provides AYSTAR the License to market and sell the WATERMINER products.  Valence has the full complimentary of management, engineering and testing chemistry lab and staff. Valence will provide to AYSTAR and our clients all required site engineering and commissioning work.  

Per the request of the CEO of Valence, please connect directly with AYSTAR only to first explore any project viability et al. AYSTAR will bring Valence immediately that we have confirmed viable project potential. 

We are very interested in connecting with potential vendor partners in the countries we work in.  If your business has local water and wastewater knowledge, field engineers  and crews, we would very much like to communicate with you to discuss how we might work together. 

Please use our contact page here which goes directly to the President of AYSTAR. 

Ready to review your water challenges and our potential to resolve them

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